Sunday, September 25, 2005

In the beginning...

"Let there be..."

There is power to words, power to create, or to invite the spoken to be. I saw yellow walnut leaves falling today in a crisp fall rain. The colors were sharp as if awakened from the haze of summer, blazing the short time before Michigan snow wipes the work to black and white.

There. I created, in a small way, autumn for you. I invited you to my expereince. Enjoy.

I suppose a few words are in order as to why I am writing. Really, I do not know. I suppose to share the journey, to join in fellow creation through words. To share photos with friends and family, those I know and those who wander here from Elsewhere. But more than anything else, to try in some small way to instill wonder in creation, Creator, and the mere fact that we are at all.

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