Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Today was a day of technicalities. I took the day off work to rest, fight a cold, and nurse two sick children (one with bronchitis and one with a double ear infection) and my sick wife.

I decided to delve into the hullabaloo surrounding "RSS." RSS is short for really simple syndication. I suppose compared to rocket science, it is simple, but it took me a while to learn. That you may learn from my mistakes, RSS is a way to let other internet surfer dudes to get a constantly updated list of the latest posts to a website, in this case, Peepers Pondering. Each time I post a new entry, my subscribers (right now, just me) will automatically get the latest post on their list of RSS feeds. I was skeptical at first, but it is pretty slick. It is also pretty easy. There are many ways to set up an RSS feed, and to really make it sing, you should learn programming. My fluency in programming languages ranges from grunting (HTML, VB, Arc) to pantomime and wild gesticulations (most other programming languages.) Thus, I took the shortcut and thank you to Feedburner for a painless and successful RSS.

I'll sign off with a photo from early day of the garden, July 2005, when many of the perennials were only 1 year old. From left to right, more or less, is purple coneflower, blazing star, coneflower again, cup plant, ox eye sunflower, Culver's root, bergemot, and cut-leaf coneflower.

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