Friday, February 01, 2008

Budburst a Blast

For a year or two now I have thought that someone should put together a website where people all over the country could record when certain plants start blooming. The website could then map all these records, and we could watch the wave of blooms move north. The information could help scientists document the effects of climate change on different plants in different places.

Now someone has done it! Check out Project Budburst - which starts accepting records on February 15 - not that I expect anything in my garden tro start blooming until April...

Help me get the word out. The more folks add their bloom times to the maps, the better we can watch the wave of blooms move north. I plan to include my kids; and there are resources for teachers to use the project in their classes.


kt said...

Thanks for the heads up, I was wondering as well if there was anone compiling climatic change data related to bloom time. I will be sure to spread the word. Katy

Mad Man Bamboo said...

Interesting concept. Curious if they can correlate it to annual weather and location over time.


Cabs said...

This is wonderful! I will defiantly check it out.
My daughter collects similar data on trees with her 8th grade science students and they submit it to the Harvard (University) Forest Tree Project.

M Sinclair Stevens (Texas) said...

Interesting concept. I've been doing something similar on my blog since 2001. I try to track all the dates of First Flowers in my garden.

I'm amazed at how much variation there is just within gardens in Austin.