Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Silo Bowling

Kids say some strange things.

At dinner this evening I heard my eldest son mention something about a bowling alley in a "light house."

"Intersting idea," I responded. "Did they drop the ball straight down or did it bounce down the spiral stairs?"

The whole family looked at me like I was crazy. Not that that is unusual, and hardly worth mentioning, except to say that my son had learned in school today that the "White House" has its own bowling alley.

But I was not to be deterred. "We have a silo. We could drop a bowling ball from the top of the silo onto the pins." My younger son suggested we drop the pins on the ball, which is not a bad idea. Someone (probably me) mentioned a catapult. Soon pins and bowling balls were flying hither and yon across the farm. Someone (not me) mentioned toilet plungers, and how surprised passing drivers would be to find plungers stuck to their windows.

So you see, planning is progressing on the farm.

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